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Quantum Breakthrough: Feynman Diagram Sampling and Feedback

Image7-DS-cropped2Quantum mechanics is the most accurate (and strangest) theory in the history of physics. Yet it has great difficulty making accurate predictions for “many-body” systems — those involving a large number of particles

March 23, 2012 Read more

A Universe from Nothing? Lawrence Krauss’ Theories Explained

Image8-DS-croppedIs “God” necessary for the creation of the universe? This is the central question in Lawrence Krauss’s popular science book, A Universe from Nothing. After a fascinating tour of modern cosmology, Krauss reveals

March 12, 2012 Read more

The Search for Dark Matter: Largest Survey Ever

Image9-DS-croppedAn international team of astronomers generated the largest map yet of the most abundant (and most mysterious) form of matter in our universe — dark matter. Results support the view that this invisible substance is the cosmic glue which holds galaxies and clusters of galaxies together

January 15, 2012 Read more

Has the Elusive Higgs Boson Finally Been Found? CERN’s Tantalizing Evidence.

Inside-Large-Hadron-Collider1The particle physics community is all abuzz: on Tuesday, the CERN Council reported encouraging data in the search for what has been called the “Holy Grail of high-energy physics” — finding the hypothetical particle called the Higgs-boson particle. Also called the “God Particle,” it is the last…

December 14, 2011 Read more

New Research Reveals Physics Behind Great White Shark Attacks

Image11-DS-croppedHow do great white sharks stalk their prey beneath the waves? A paper by Neil Hammerschlag and the late R. Aidan Martin, in the latest Marine Biology Research Journal, reveals how the physics of light-scattering in ocean waters helps the great predator maintain

December 10, 2011 Read more
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