Unsung Heroes
Of The Universe

About the Book

The story of six individuals who despite extraordinary achievements in quantum mechanics, general relativity, astronomy, cosmology, and space exploration  — remain for the most part unknown to the general public. They represent a cast of characters even a Hollywood writer could not dream up:

  • Georges Lemaître – A Catholic priest who discovered the expansion of  the universe two years before Edwin Hubble. Monsignor Lemaître also proposed our cosmos began with a “primeval atom” 0 what we now call the big bang.
  • Fritz Zwicky – This cantankerous astronomer discovered dark matter, supernovae, neutron stars, galactic cosmic rays, and galaxy clusters.
  • Henrietta Swan Leavitt – Hired as an unpaid volunteer to catalog star images at Harvard Observatory, her ground-breaking discovery was the stepping stone to the 20th century cosmology revolution.
  • Pascual Jordan – This unheralded physicist invented quantum field theory, the most accurate and strangest theory in the history of science.
  • Alexander Friedmann – This brilliant mathematician showed our cosmos could have begun in a singularity – an infinitesimally small, infinitely dense point containing the entire universe.
  • Joseph Kittinger – In an act of courage beyond all sanity, “try anything” Joe became the first human in space.pace

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  • This book is an excellent introduction to the stories of six scientists (maybe 5 scientists and one daredevil — does jumping out of a helium balloon at the edge of space constitute “science”? If not, Joe Kittinger at least gave first-hand observations of physics at work and earned my undying respect!) I had never heard of until today. The book is well-written, in concise and easily digested prose that illuminates difficult scientific and mathematical concepts in a way that I could begin to understand. This would be a great resource for students learning about physics, astronomy and the history of science.

  • A wonderful book on 5 unheralded scientists that most have never heard about. Ira has a knack of explaining technical details in a way that the layman can identify with while telling a good story behind those people who he is writing about.

    My favorite story in the book is about Henrietta Swan Leavitt. It’s hard to fathom just how little women were respected & treated 100 years ago. Leavitt did allot to help change this, while adding significant methods & knowledge to astronomical research. Truly, she was a pioneer in more than one way.

    All this, plus the fact that Ira is a fine writer as well. I’ve enjoyed reading his many different articles on the web for years now. It’s great to have this compilation now in available in one place. I can’t recommend this book strongly enough. Get it, you will enjoy reading it!”

  • Great read! This should be required reading for every teacher/professor that fancies themselves, a historian. I would love to see a tome written about the unsungs.

  • This was a well written book about 5 scientist who seldom get the credit they deserve. The stories of each was informative and made you ask the question why haven’t I heard more about these people? This has inspired me to learn more about some things I thought I already knew.

  • A concise and accurate review of unknown persons who have made astounding discoveries in modern Physics…Good handout for Physics students

  • Loved it! This book was very entertaining and easy to read. Purchasing the book at was a very quick and simple task also.